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          Complete set of precision worm

          SK7712 CNC Worming grinding machine

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          Finished parts

          【Main use】

          This machine is used to grind various cylindrical worms (ZA, ZN, ZI, ZK, ZC1 profiles)。

          【NC system configuration】

          1、SIEMENS 828D system, controlling 4 NC axes

          2、No. of programmable axes: four

          Axis Z: Table longitudinal traverse

          (With grating scale)          full close-looped

          Axis X: Wheelhead cross feed

          (With grating scale)          full close-looped

          Axis C: Rotation of work spindle

          (With angular encoder)        full close-looped

          Axis A: helix angle swivel

          (With angular encoder)        full close-looped

          【Working accuracy】

          The working accuracy for cylindrical worms(GB):

          1、when thread start=1-2                           Grade 4

          2、when thread start≥3                            Grade 5

          【Technical characteristics】

          1、With a diamond disc, grinding wheel is dressed into required thread profile。

          2、Wheel spindle is powered directly by a built-in permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM),featured high power and low vibration。

          3、The adjustment of helix angle is done and locked automatically by machine soft program, precise and fast。

          4、Diamond disc is driven by AC servo motor, ensuring a constant speed and low vibration。

          5、With a semi-auto dynamic balancing system, it is convenient to change a new wheel without a need of static balance。

          6、With a manual alignment device provided to match the pre-cut workpiece off-line, it is suitable for batch manufacturing。

          7、On-line aligning device and automatic loading mechanism are available as optional accessories

          8、A full-closed housing and an oil-mist extractor are provided with the machine to improve working environment。

          【Main specification parameters】

          1、Max. mounting diameter 125mm
          2、Max. center distance 350mm
          3、Max. grinding diameter 100mm
          4、Min. grinding diameter 5mm
          5、Max. grinding length 250mm
          6、Module range 0.5~4
          7、helix angle range ±30°
          8、Thread start  number 1~99(any
          9、Max. thread lead 150mm
          10、Work spindle speed 0.5~60r/min
          11、Max. wheel peripheral speed 45m/s
          12、Wheel size
          O.D×I.D×Width 400×203×10mm
          O.D×I.D×Width 400×203×16mm
          13、Max. workpiece weight 15kg
          14、Overall dimension (L x W x H) 2600×2350×2600mm
          15、Machine weight appro.4000kg

          Copyright of: Shaanxi Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.  Record number: 05008229 -1  

           Tel: 0086 916 2296 146      135 0916 8925  Fax:0086 916 2296 146 

          Address: Hedongdian Town, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China   E-mail:export@hjmtc.cn  hehengrong@hotmail.com

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