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          Fax: 0086 916 2296146
          E-mail: export@hjmtc.cn  
          E-mail: hehengrong@hotmail.com
          Complete set of precision worm

          SK7732A×15 CNC worm grinding machine

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          Finished parts

          【Main use】

          This machine is used to grind various cylindrical worms (ZA, ZN, ZI, ZK, ZC1), and also can be used to grind trapezoidal screws。

          【NC system configuration】

          1、SIEMENS 828D system, controlling 5 NC axes, 3 of which is in a gang

          2、Axis Z: table longitudinal traverse

          (With grating scale)               full close-looped

          Axis X: wheelhead cross feed

          (With grating scale)               full close-looped

          Axis C: rotation of work spindle

          (With angular encoder)             full close-looped

          Axis V: vertical feed of dresser slider

          Axis W: horizontal feed of dresser slider

          【Working accuracy】

          Cylindrical worms:

          when thread start=1-2, the accuracy is up to grade 5;

          when thread start≥3, the accuracy is up to grade 6。

          Trapezoidal screws: The accuracy is up to grade 6

          【Technical characteristics】

          1、Wheel dressing is done by two diamond discs moving simultaneously

          2、The wheel spindle is driven by an AC servo motor, and the speed can be regulated steplessly

          3、The adjustment of helix angle is done and locked manually

          4、An AC servo motor drives directly the two diamond discs, ensuing a constant speed and low vibration。

          5、A dynamic balancing system and an in-line automatic aligning device are available as optional accessories for users to choose

          6、A full-closed housing and an oil-mist extractor are provided with the machine to purify working environment

          【Main specification parameters】

          1、Max. mounting diameter 320mm
          2、Max. center distance 1500mm
          3、Max. grinding diameter 250mm
          4、Min. grinding diameter 20mm
          5、Max. distance of table traverse 1400mm
          6、Module of worm to be machined 1~18
          7、Max. helix angle ±40°
          8、Thread start 1~99(any)
          9、Max. thread lead 300mm
          10、Work spindle speed 0.5~30r/min
          11、Max. peripheral speed 45m/s
          12、Wheel size
          O.D×I.D×Width 500×305×25mm
          O.D×I.D×Width 500×305×32mm
          O.D×I.D×Width 500×305×40mm
          13、Max. workpiece weight 100kg
          14、Overall dimension(L x W x H) 5300×2300×2455mm
          15、Machine weight appro.8500kg

          Copyright of: Shaanxi Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.  Record number: 05008229 -1  

           Tel: 0086 916 2296 146      135 0916 8925  Fax:0086 916 2296 146 

          Address: Hedongdian Town, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China   E-mail:export@hjmtc.cn  hehengrong@hotmail.com

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