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          CONTACT US
          Tel: 0086 916 2298015
          Fax: 0086 916 2296146
          E-mail: export@hjmtc.cn  
          E-mail: hehengrong@hotmail.com
          Complete set of ball screw pro

          HJ092 & HJ092×80 CNC Whirling Machines

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          Finished parts

          【Main use】

          The machine is made to hard-mill ball-screws and Acme screws, able to machine job diameter under100mmbut longer its specification by putting them through bore of the work spindle。

          【NC system configuration】

          【Working accuracy】

          The accuracy of ball-screw machined is up to grade P5

          The accuracy of Acme screw machined is up to grade 8

          【Technical characteristics】

          1、The bed is made of qualified cast-iron with high strength

          2、The tool spindle is supported by rolling bearings, and its rotation is driven by an AC motor regulated with a frequency converter, so it runs at a constant peripheral speed

          3、Work spindle is driven by an AC servo motor;able to auto-index. A precise angular encoder mounted at the end of the spindle, serving as a reference element of rotation & indexing。

          4、The cutter carriage can travel crossly, and each movement is driven by AC servo motor, driving a precision ball-screw to achieve rapid advance and retreat, periodical feeding and auto-compensation for job pitch diameter。

          5、Hardness of thread flanks can not be decreased because of hard-milling

          6、The machining cost can be reduced by use of mountable & indexing CBN inserts

          7、The machining zone is cooled with compression air, so the pollution caused by coolant can be eliminated。

          【Main specification parameters】

          HJ092 HJ092×80
          1、Specification φ125×6000mm φ230×8000mm
          2、Job diameter to be machined φ40~φ125 φ40~φ230
          3、Job length to be machined 2000~6000mm 2000~8000mm
          4、Pitch range 5~40mm 5~40mm
          5、helix angle range ±20° ±20°
          6、No. of thread starts 1~99(any) 1~99(any)
          7、travel speed of cutter carriage 3000mm/min 5000mm/min
          8、rapid advance & retract of cutter carriage 10000mm/min 5000mm/min
          9、Speed of work spindle 0.5~40r/min 0.5~25r/min
          10、Speed of cutter spindle 425~955r/min 240~640r/min
          11、pitch circle of cutter φ60,90,135mm φ90,135,190,235mm
          12、Peripheral speed of cutter 180mm/min 240mm/min
          13、Bore diameter of work spindle φ105mm φ105mm
          12、Taper bore of tailstock  5(Morse) 5(Morse)
          13、Overall dimension 10750×2380×2172mm 13460×2250×2500mm
          14、Machine weight 22000kg 28000kg

          Copyright of: Shaanxi Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.  Record number: 05008229 -1  

           Tel: 0086 916 2296 146      135 0916 8925  Fax:0086 916 2296 146 

          Address: Hedongdian Town, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China   E-mail:export@hjmtc.cn  hehengrong@hotmail.com

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