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          E-mail: export@hjmtc.cn  
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          Complete set of ball screw pro

          S7432×30 Leadscrew grinding machine

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          Finished parts

          【Main use】

          This machine is used for grinding various Whitworth & Acme screws and ball-screws

          【NC system configuration】

          【Working accuracy】

          Ball screws: P3 (GB/T17587.3-1998)

          ACME screws: P6 (JB2886-92)

          【Technical characteristics】

          1、The sliding guides are adopted on work table to get smooth movement and light running

          2、The wheel spindle is supported by precision hydraulic bearings, having a good rotary accuracy and loading capacity。

          3、The various Acme or circular threads can be ground with the help of the different types of dressers

          4、The change of pitch is obtained with change gears. The accumulative pitch error is corrected by means of the correction bar in the front of the table

          【Main specification parameters】

          1、Max. mounting diameter 320mm
          2、Max.center distance 3000mm
          3、Max. diameter to be ground 250mm
          4、Min. diameter to be ground 20mm
          5、Max.length to be ground 2940mm
          6、Max. Table stroke 2980mm
          7、Pitch range
               Max. Metric thread 48mm
               Min. Metric thread 1.5mm
               Max.Inch thread           2 teeth/inch
               Min.Inch thread 18 teeth/inch
               Max.Module thread  18π
               Min.Module thread
          8、helix angle range ±25°
          9、Thread start number 2,3,4,6,8
          10、work spindle speed (Stepless)  0.5~60r/min
          11、Wheelhead cross traverse  165mm
          12、Wheelhead rapid traverse  30mm
          13、Wheel spindle speed 1340r/min;1480r/min
          13、Wheel size
                 OD.×Width×ID. P500×10×305
          14、Overall dimension (L x W x H) 7645×2275×2045mm
          15、Max. workpiece weight 200kg

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           Tel: 0086 916 2296 146      135 0916 8925  Fax:0086 916 2296 146 

          Address: Hedongdian Town, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China   E-mail:export@hjmtc.cn  hehengrong@hotmail.com

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